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Lola the Bathing Beauty :iconkisame17:Kisame17 16 10
Daria the Trainer 2
Meredith had a smug smirk on her muzzle. She couldn’t believe that her personal trainer had gotten pregnant. The same person who made her perform intense workouts despite carrying a litter was now huge child herself. The corgi wondered how Daria of all people could’ve gotten pregnant. The strict woman wasn’t the type to mess around, though Meredith speculated that the trainer got knocked up from a one night stand or experimenting with fertility drugs. Both scenarios seem plausible in a town where gravid women from all walks of life make up the majority. This was all speculation on Meredith’s part and part of her enjoyed the rush of not knowing how Daria got pregnant. It made the real reason that much sweeter and the corgi was all giddy inside.  She saw the trainer’s red convertible parked outside of the gym from the window of the van the Meredith was in.
Daria hasn’t uttered a word ever since she set foot inside of the gym. The trainer just walk
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 27 3
Daria The Trainer
“Hey! No, no, no! Put that down right now,” Daria said. The slim and fit personal trainer had just spotted her new student eating a candy bar in class. Daria had a very strict no fast food policy because she believed that having too much of it would ruin the body and make people fat. The short stacked pregnant woman clad in pink sports bra and shorts lay on her stomach in the middle of the gym and took a bite out of the unwrapped candy bar. The cream colored corgi’s stomach was so huge that resting on it made her at eye level with the trainer. Meredith stared at Daria with an innocent look in her eyes, as if she did nothing wrong. The student finished chewing on the snack before properly responding to Daria.
“What’s wrong with having candy in class? It doesn’t matter how much food I consume, I will burn off the calories by getting some exercise,” Meredith said. Now that she mentioned it, how was Daria supposed to properly train this woman? She
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 33 3
Children's Sculpture Garden by Kisame17 Children's Sculpture Garden :iconkisame17:Kisame17 5 0 The Live Model and the Artist: Pure Beauty by Kisame17
Mature content
The Live Model and the Artist: Pure Beauty :iconkisame17:Kisame17 56 1
Mona, Sophia, and Patrick by Kisame17
Mature content
Mona, Sophia, and Patrick :iconkisame17:Kisame17 60 1
Mad Maxine by Kisame17 Mad Maxine :iconkisame17:Kisame17 6 0
Generic Blueberry Story
Jane opened a pack of bubble gum
She took one piece out of five and unwrapped it
Jane put the small blue cube in her mouth
She chewed on the gum
Enjoying its juicy taste
When the gum ran out of flavor
Jane swallowed the gum
The small wad went down her throat and into her stomach
Jane's stomach digested the gum
Which triggered some changes to her body
Jane's peach colored skin turned blue
She stared at her blue hands in confusion
The only thing that did not turn blue was her natural brown hair
'What is happening to me?' she thought
Jane's stomach grumbled
She place both hands on her stomach and felt it filling up with liquid.
The mysterious liquid caused Jane's body to expand
The mysterious liquid delivered juice to Jane's arms, legs, and torso
The mysterious liquid caused her body to bloat
The mysterious liquid made Jane's limbs flabby
The mysterious liquid made Jane's hand and feet swollen
The mysterious liquid made Jane's head and cheeks swollen
She looked like an obese person with b
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 28 8
An Ode To Kate: WIP
This poem is an ode to Kate
The girl that loves to Inflate
On the surface, she may look delicate
However, in the inside, she is tough.
The whole process starts out in the basement
First, Kate gets a gas tank.
Second, she sticks the airhose in her mouth
Third, Kate turns the knob
Finally, She inhales the air
The transformation begins.
First her stomach puffs out
Then her thighs
Followed by her arms
And Finally her Chest
All that remains normal is her head
Her body remains intact thanks to the conditioning
This poem is an ode to Kate
The girl who loves to inflate her body
She may look delicate on the outside
But the girl is tougher than she looks in the inside
Kate starts her inflation with a regular air tank
She ecstatically puts the air hose in her mouth
And turns it on, letting the all of the air enter her body
The transformation begins
The once flat stomach of Kate began to grow
It filled with the air that she inhaled
Her body bloated and distorted into a giant round ball
Then, the y
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 1 0
To Have a Sword
They rip apart their masks to have a sword
to kick about the lone wolves
to rot the arrogant
to attack the shark empress
to bind the bat
to cry for a sacred mantis
to grind the panther
to suppress all witchcraft
to fornicate the lewd concubine
to devour her with gluttony
to destroy with rage
is what it means to have a sword
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 1 3
Loophole Abuse
Kate was bored.
There's nothing good on television to watch and her parents were away for the weekend. She would usually expand at this point, but the last time she did that, her inflated form caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. She inadvertently broke the chandelier and knocked over some books, shelves, and lamps.  The situation got out of hand when Kate's parents walked in on their daughters current inflated form. Normally they had no qualms with their daughter expanding herself, but Kate's parents do discourage the practice of inflation indoors. The whole ordeal got her grounded for about two weeks, which is why she is currently in this scenario.
Feeling that there was not much to do, Kate walked over to the living room and bury herself within the couch. She then sulked and slouched until a plan formulated in her mind.  They said that she couldn't inflate, but it wouldn't count if Kate does not get caught. The young girl then sat up and gave a smirk. The
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 2 5
Distraction Ploys
1. Constructive Criticism is easy, all you have to say is YOU SUCK. By the way, I thought your story was totally awesome, keep up the good work.
2. Life is like the Sims, we are the Sims and God is the player.
3. The Bible is a good book to quote, if you want to start a fight.
4. Love is god's attempt at fan pairings, he ships until one couple is left standing.
5. Pregnancy is god's attempt at enforcing love upon two unwilling people.
6. It is a bad idea to give homework during vacation.
7. Expansion lore dictates that women can expand to inhuman sizes, without popping in a gory fashion.
8. The bigger the woman's breasts, the hornier she becomes.
9. Chelsea Charms is real, anyone who has bigger breasts than hers are fake.
10. The number one cause of pregnancy in women is immaculate conception. This is shockingly above tentacle rape and sex!
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 0 4
Mature content
La Verde Tres :iconkisame17:Kisame17 14 9
Fake Trailer
Neliel Tu Oderschvank quietly got out of bed. She did not want to wake her roommate who tends to be grumpy whenever someone disturbs his sleep. The bed sheets came off and revealed her sleepwear. Nell Tu wore a long sleeved shirt with pink pajama pants. One step of Sonido let the arrancar go from the bed to the windows. Darkness draped over the bedroom and made this setting look spooky. Neliel felt that some form of light needed to brighten the room. Turning on the electrical lights would have been an easy task but her partner did not want to be disturbed. If anyone disturbs his slumber then he would wake up and swear vulgar profanities. She did not want that to happen as it is too early in the morning to fight. So to counter this, Neliel spread the window curtains apart and let all that glorious sunlight illuminate her room. The sun’s vibrant shine gleamed all over Neliel’s adult body and turned her trademark green hair into a much more golden color. The arrancar truly admir
:iconkisame17:Kisame17 3 5
Mature content
Typing Test: Maternity :iconkisame17:Kisame17 18 11
Mature content
Tales of the Succubus :iconkisame17:Kisame17 21 3


[Suggestion Box] T3 #07 by Marrazan
Mature content
[Suggestion Box] T3 #07 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 391 13
Lucoa comm by theycallhimcake
Mature content
Lucoa comm :icontheycallhimcake:theycallhimcake 553 10
Cynthia by RiddleAugust
Mature content
Cynthia :iconriddleaugust:RiddleAugust 404 3
Mona Mxyzptlk by RiddleAugust
Mature content
Mona Mxyzptlk :iconriddleaugust:RiddleAugust 208 3
Jodie 2 by oscillons Jodie 2 :iconoscillons:oscillons 251 5 Fate Testarossa (pregnant) by MaBeelZ
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Fate Testarossa (pregnant) :iconmabeelz:MaBeelZ 356 5
Sweet Buxom Penny 5.22.17 by ZaftigBunnyPress
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Sweet Buxom Penny 5.22.17 :iconzaftigbunnypress:ZaftigBunnyPress 290 34
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Comm: Kisame17 Inanna Farm Life 1/2 :iconjupiterjyohti:JupiterJyohti 4 0
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Comm: Kisame17 Inanna Farm Life 2/2 by JupiterJyohti
Mature content
Comm: Kisame17 Inanna Farm Life 2/2 :iconjupiterjyohti:JupiterJyohti 5 0
Gwendolyn and Vanessa: Make Her Grow-Commission by SlickPens
Mature content
Gwendolyn and Vanessa: Make Her Grow-Commission :iconslickpens:SlickPens 252 17
COMM: Corgi Girl and her bae by PrettyPlumpandProud
Mature content
COMM: Corgi Girl and her bae :iconprettyplumpandproud:PrettyPlumpandProud 45 1



The more I think about, the more I realize that Mona and her daughters are well dressed suburbanites
Interesting. Lola's butt was so good that it inspired fan art. Li Li isn't going to like this
I finally managed to beat Dragonball Xenoverse 2. It's a pretty fun game despite having the same plot as all the other Dragonball Titles.
I am finally free from work. Now I can work on my massive backlog of unfinished stories.

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                Time seemed to have slowed down inside of the changing booth for Lola. She spent long amounts of time just standing in the small wooden room naked and looking at the swimsuit that the hubby had provided her with. Deep inside the head hidden underneath her black and fluffy hair, a question remained on her mind as she eyes the swimsuit. How was this tiny piece of string supposed to fit on her big, black, and beautiful body? Lola thought of herself as a very pregnant woman because her had breasts as big as her head filled with milk to feed the numerous babies in the vast pointed oval belly. She took a minute to stare at her figure on the mirror provided in the changing room, and still remained amazed that now imperfections such as stretch marks or even veins on her body. The bronzed skin looked silky smooth.

                Lola then quietly looked back at the bathing suit. It was one of those fancy one piece micro bikinis that some women like to wear, so that they could show off their body. The three small triangles attached to the straps were golden colored, not that it mattered because she can’t see how those triangles could even cover her dark swollen nipples, or even her nether region. Lola never quite saw herself as the person who would bare it all in public. She lacked the confidence and faith in her own body to be so bold, and sometimes wished to have her mother’s courage. Only dear old Mum can possibly pull it off with her pear shaped body gained from pushing out children. Lola often wondered how Mum could remain so youthful and good looking in her age. The thought of deal old Mum wearing the swimsuit in the occupant’s hand entered Lola’s mind, and she could imagining it being worn by perfectly by mom. This gave Lola the idea to persuade the hubby to give it to Mum, so that she wouldn’t have to wear it.  All Lola needed was a good enough excuse not to wear it, and the problem would be solved. It seemed like a well thought out plan, what could possibly go wrong?

                Outside of the changing room stood the hubby with his arms folded in front of his chest and foot lightly tapping the floor. Despite having no reason to wait outside for Lola even after she told him to wait by the concession stands, Patrick remained still like a statue in front of the changing room. His single minded desire to see the gravid woman in a skimpy swimsuit had motivated him to remain by this spot. He loved her dearly, but the news of her unexpected pregnancy along with watching her grow into a meaty mother to be strengthened his love for her. Lola’s demure attitude and innocent nature combined with the pregnant body only fueled Patrick’s lust. He could already hear her soft angelic voice call out to him from behind the door of the changing room.

                “Am I really worthy enough to wear this swimsuit, Patrick?” Lola asked. She sounded unsure that the attire he had brought was good enough for her. Naturally, the hubby offered some words of encouragement to her.

                “Yes, I deem you worth enough to wear the swimsuit. I had saved up money for two months, so that I may purchase it from an online retailer that specializes in custom swimsuits for pregnant women.” Patrick said with passion.

                “Did you get this swimsuit in my size? It looks like it can hardly fit me at all, much less cover the privates. Maybe they don’t have skimpy ones for the big, brown, and beautiful,” Lola said. There was silence between the two for a brief moment. Lola had hoped that her question would stump him, as there’s no way an online retailer can possibly create a swimsuit for big beautiful pregnant ladies like her to wear.

                “Of course I got your size. The straps were designed to be extra sturdy to prevent snapping and wardrobe malfunctions. Just try it on, the swimsuit will fit anyone,” Patrick said.

                “That’s really um thoughtful, but I don’t feel worthy to wear this outfit. Perhaps Mum could wear it while I get something a little more stylish like a one piece,” Lola said.

                “Way ahead of you honey, I already brought Mona a swimsuit from the site. Now please try it on,” Patrick said.

                Lola’s plans to get herself out of wearing the bikini had fallen flat. Rather than delay the inevitable from happening, the pregnant woman just sucked it up and then put on the swimsuit. Patrick heard audible grunting and some mild swears from Lola. It then went quiet as Lola finally stepped out the changing room. He had wide grin on his face as he stared at her figure. It looked like she was wearing nothing at all with the straps stretching out and blending in with her skin, leaving the three triangles to cover the nipples and privates. She looked like she was wearing nothing but pasties on her. Lola just bared it as the swimsuit felt unusually tight to wear, even with the durable and elastic straps working in full effect on the young lady’s body.

                “How do I Look dear?” Lola said.

                “Radiant as always dear,” He said.

                Lola felt relieved that the hubby had loved that attire on her.  She was honestly more worried about what Mum and Daria would think. They were always judgmental in different ways. Mum pushed her to be more bold and daring in attire while dear sister wished that she had the spine to stand up for herself.  The both would bicker over what Lola should be, or anything for that matter. The meek pregnant woman could barely speak for herself, as dear old hubby had to help her fend off the both of them. Mum and Sis meant well, but they were to smothering and overprotective of Lola. So it came as no surprise that when Lola and Patrick returned to their spot on the beach, Daria was waiting to chew them out.

                Lola could take the people staring at her massive maternal body being crammed into a tiny swimsuit and even handle the few comments from beach goes as the she traveled from the broad walk over to her spot at the sandy beach. Despite there being hundreds, or possibly thousands of people out enjoying the weather, Lola could still feel sister’s intense glare focusing excessively on her despite being a few paces away. Patrick picked up on Lola’s nervousness and held her hand as they walked to their spot, preparing to take the heat for suggesting the swimsuit. If she was going down, then he was going down with her.

                Daria and Lola were polar opposites despite the both of them sharing the same black hair, gold eyes, dark skin, and mother. Lola was obviously a pregnant woman of enormous girth while Daria was more an athletic woman with toned arms, trim stomach, and great thighs to run a marathon with. Lola kept her hair long and fluffy while Daria kept hers a medium length bob cut. She was demure while dear old sis was strict. Daria dressed herself in a black t-shirt and a green two piece swimsuit underneath. The sister shook her head in disgust and walked from the spot to give them a peace of her mind.

                “What were you thinking wearing a swimsuit like that? You look like a friggin porn star!” Daria said. Lola’s spirit hadn’t been crushed by sister’s words as it was the beginning of a long and brutal rant. Daria placed both hands on her hips as she scolded the both of them.

    “You are too old to wear something like that, Big Sis; you’re practically almost a mother. Act your age and try something a little homely for a change like a two piece bikini, or even a maternity swimsuit,” Daria said. Lola had to admit that her young sister did have a point. The swimsuit she had on looked so ill-fitting and felt so tight. She secretly longed for one her style but didn’t have the courage to speak for on her own behalf. 

    Patrick on the other hand had a disgusted look on his face, wondering how Daria could not see the beauty in this. He bawled his hands into a fist and stood up for Lola. “It’s her body and she can dress the way that she wants and feels like it. Besides, Lola loves the swimsuit on her,” He said with a smile.

    “Uh yes, I love it so much,” Lola said laughing nervously.

    Daria wasn’t buying it as much as Patrick. She knew that sis was lying to protect Patrick’s feelings. Dear old mother entered the scene wondering what the commotion was. Lola felt relieved while Daria frowned a bit. Whenever Mona saw her two daughters squabble over something, she would arrive at the scene to break it up. The pear shaped mother in a red sling bikini eyed her two daughters. They both had her long black hair, gold eyes, and tanned skin, but lack her wisdom or life experience to settle dispute.

    “What’s going on here?” Mona said.

    “Patrick here is trying to corrupt your daughter by making her wear such disgusting attire for the beach. Lola doesn’t like it, but she’s wearing it to impress him,” Daria said.

    “There’s nothing wrong with Lola showing some skin, Dar-Dar,” Mona said. She then turned to her first born daughter and spoke addressed her.

    “You also need to speak up Lola. If something’s bothering you, then say it out loud. Stop hiding behind the hubby when being intimidated by Dar-Dar. You’re going to be strong to raise those bundles of joy when they’re born, or else they’ll overwhelm you,” Mona said. She sounded more caring and kind in contrast to Daria, albeit with a more motherly tone.

    Patrick didn’t believe the both of them because he was distracted by the thought his lovely wife’s naturally plump and pregnant body in the swimsuit to note that she’s uncomfortable wearing it. His single minded desire to see her wear such a thing has clouded his judgment. Lola herself has heard these lectures about standing up for her and speaking out before, yet lacks the courage to act out on it. She’s always been go with the flow to not offend people, or do anything to harm their feelings.  Lola always kept her true thought hidden deep within that big bronze body of hers, only drawn out under certain circumstances. The current situation at the beach seemed like one of the circumstances. She deeply breathes in and out, and then looked Patrick in the eyes to tell him the truth.

    “I don’t feel comfortable wearing this swimsuit Patrick. I’m not as bold and daring as Mother to parade around in a skimpy outfit,” Lola said.

    “I picked the attire because I believe that you ARE bold enough to wear it. I’ve seen you bare it all for me in private, and to a whole art class in public on numerous occasions,” Patrick told his wife.

    “I know that, it’s just that I want to be bold in my own way. This swimsuit just doesn’t suit my personality. It’s too daring and revealing, I want to show you the real me,” Lola told him.

    Patrick stared into the golden eyes of his wife. He saw fear and uncertainty in them. The hubby loved the sight of Lola in the bikini, yet even he couldn’t resist the temptation to do the right thing. So it was with a heavy sigh that the slimy young man rejects his lust to make her happy. Even though he loved heavily pregnant women, he still couldn’t bear the sight of one feeling or looking uncomfortable. Lola’s sad puppy dog eyes were on of many things that made Patrick guilty for indulging in his fetish for pregnant women. The hubby grabbed Lola by the shoulder, looked her straight in the eyes and then spoke, “Let’s get something that suits you.”

    Lola loved that Patrick rejected desires to make her happy, so much that she got close and gave him a big hug. The hubby struggled to breathe, even though part of him loved being smothered by her soft warm breasts and ginormous belly, Lola’s hug appeared to be too strong for his slim pale body. Lola was somehow strong enough to lift him off the ground with ease as she wrapped her arms around the body tight for the hug. He grunted and groaned, trying to tell her to let go, but Lola thought he was too speechless with joy. Thankfully, Mum was there to translate Patrick’s inarticulate groans. She’d done the same to her own hubby on multiple occasions, enough to know when he enjoyed the hug or when he was feeling pain by interpreting his grunts alone.

    “Let go of Patrick, Lola, he’s being crushed by your fearsome strength,” Mona said. Lola looked up at the hubby’s face and saw him wincing in pain. She quickly put him down, so that he could get some air. The pregnant woman was understandably embarrassed by the whole thing.

    “Oh my, I’m so sorry hubby, I didn’t mean to do hurt you,” Lola said. Daria had a wicked smirk on her face as she watched the whole thing. The younger daughter interpreted Lola’s bear hug more as Patrick receiving karma for putting her in such lewd attire.

    “It’s okay, I know that you meant well,” Patrick said. The both of them left the spot in the beach before the scene could get anymore awkward.

    Daria passed the time by sitting back on her chair and reading a book under a beach umbrella. She didn’t like tanning much and wasn’t in the mood for bathing. Dear old mother decided to roll out the towel on the sandy floor, just so she can lay flat on her stomach and bath in the sun. Daria naturally held the book close to her face because she didn’t want to see her own mother sunbathe in such raunchy attire.  Mona spared Daria a glance from her position and smiled. “Why don’t you put down that book and join me in sunbathing, Dar-Dar? We can strengthen our bond as mother and daughter, plus find a cute boy to pair you up with,” She said.


    “I don’t feel like sunbathing, I just want to enjoy this book with the sound of the sea as background noise,” Daria told her own mother without taking an eye off the page.

    “Don’t be a stick in the mud, Dar-Dar, you can always read that book anytime. It’s not often we spend quality time together,” Mona pointed out. Rather than waste time arguing, Daria put down the book and picked the spot to the left of her own mother to whip out the black beach towel. The younger daughter then peeled off her black t-shirt to reveal a green tube top bikini and then lay on her stomach like mother.

    “Thank you for joining me. I promise to make it up to you,” Mona said. Daria remained quiet. The both of them enjoyed the bright sun, warm summer breeze, and watching the waves crash on shore. Daria had to admit that it was oddly relaxing. For the first time since she got here, Daria felt at peace until a large shadow castes over her and blocked out the rays. Mona knew who the belly belong to, but remained quiet as she found the whole thing humorous. Daria’s face was inches away from the underside of a very large belly stuffed into a stretchy one piece bathing suit. She didn’t know who it was until a familiar soft voice spoke. “What do you think sis?”

    The sour woman frowned and responded with. “Could back up Lola? You’re blocking the rays.”

    Lola took a couple of paces back, which then allowed her grumpy younger sister to stand and see the whole thing. The pregnant woman got herself a brand new sky blue one piece bathing suit that fit just right on the body, and a beige sunhat to protect her head from the sun. Patrick casually draped an arm over his wife’s shoulder with a smile on his face. Even if his wallet took a hit from spending money on two maternity bathing suits, he was happy that Lola felt and looked comfortable.

    “It looks good on you sis,” Daria noted in a dry manner.

    The mother smirked as she gained a closer look and saw the outline of the previous swimsuit underneath the new one Lola had. “Very clever of you Lola, did he put you up to it?” She asked.

    “Oh no, I decided to keep it on, just so I can bare myself to the hubby in private,” Lola said.  Patrick caught her sparing him a glance and winking at him, swearing that she’ll happy repay the favor right under the covers back at their hotel room.

Lola the Bathing Beauty
I managed to hack out a short story about my OC Lola. There's no growth scenes in this on as Lola's anxieties about her body wouldn't allow it. Please enjoy this tale of her, Mum, and Daria in swimsuits.
  • Playing: Wild Arms 3, Pokemon Fire Red
I'm going to be busy the next two weeks, starting on Monday. I just landed a temporary job with a 12 hour shift, and probably won't have the energy to check on DA after I come home. It's a big tennis tournament that happens every last week of August and the concession stands are going to need all the help that it can get. Wish me luck.


Nani sore?
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